About AlterVision
Our passion is to build the most advanced technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning that can deliver a superior level of security and comfort for every citizen across the world.

Every day the world's most knowledgeable machine learning engineers at AlterVision improve the neural network – the driving force of the computer vision solutions.

These products empower one to find a criminal in a big crowd and instantly alert security staff on their arrival. Or one can use them to identify VIP guests as soon as they appear in a store.
Our products address two major tasks
AlterVision products deliver a superior level of security and comfort. They enable one to identify people of interest and prevent crimes. Our face recognition solutions can also be used to increase business efficiency and enrich customers' data.
Identifying people in live video streams in real time
Customer data enrichment
Enriching customers' data.
Gender, age, and emotion detection
AlterVision products' advantages
Our task is to prevent a crime before it happens. Solution takes less than 5 seconds to identify a criminal in a huge crowd and alert a security officer on their arrival.
Decrease crime and increase public safety for an organization, city or state
Locate the whereabouts of wanted people and prevent crimes
Search for missing people, including children
Provide security for critical transportation infrastructure: airports and railway stations.
Person identification and flight registration without a need to present documents
Security for crowded events and public venues
Instant person identification, including sending alerts to mobile applications
Prevention of shoplifting and fraud by customers and employees in retail stores and financial organizations
Controlling access to particular zones for commercial and manufacturing facilities
Road Solution
Basic features of cars and license plate recognition and application areas.
Recognition accuracy 98%
Cars and license plates recognition
Car search by license number
Early detection of traffic jams
Safe and fast corridor for special transport (smart traffic lights)
Road incidents detection
Dangerous and aggressive driving behavior detection
Illegal parking detection
Suspicious items on roads detection
Video stream collection
Face detection
AlterVision platform
Neural network data processing and analytics collection
Real-time analytics dashboard
How it works
Cloud data processing and analytics access
Request Receiving
Work Stages
At the first stage, the formation and adjustment of commercial offer in accordance with the request of the customer
System Installation
After signing the contract, our specialists install and set up the equipment. A private manager and technical team are allocated for further customer service
Preliminary commercial offer
Final commercial offer
Installation and commissioning of equipment
Manager, technical team
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